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> News!

2014-02-09: First release of SlackE18, with E18 0.18.3 and EFL 1.8.5 for Slackware 14.1

> What is SlackE18?

SlackE18 is pre-built packages of E18 for Linux Slackware. It contains the Enlightenment DR18 (E18) window manager and other enlightenment related applications. SlackE18 provides tested Slackware packages so you can use E18 without compiling anything. SlackBuilds are provided too in the source tree.

> Requirements

You need an official Linux Slackware 14.1 for i486, x86_64 or ARM. If you did install intrusive third party softwares and run into problems, do not complain. It was made for vanilla Slackware. On the other hand, you'd better to apply the security patch of the Slackware stable branch before installing SlackE18.

> Installation


Download the slacke18 tarball. After reading INSTALL, proceed using the pkgtools.


You can install or upgrade SlackE18 online using Slackpkg+. Here are the instructions.